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The collective expertise of our global team distinguishes OBWB in the field of Intellectual Property Law. We align our best resources to meet each client's specific needs and we treat each matter with the highest degree of attention and care.

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Elisabeth Rather  Healey, Ph.D.

Elisabeth Rather  Healey , Ph.D.

U.S. Patent Attorney
  • French
  • German
  • English

Dr. Elisabeth Rather Healey is a registered U.S. patent attorney, chemist, and patent holder with over 8 years of  intellectual property law firm experience. Her areas of expertise include strategic counseling in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret issues; portfolio management; preparation and prosecution of domestic and foreign patent applications; due diligence; assessment of patent infringement and validity; freedom-to-operate analyses; and technology evaluation in support of product development, acquisition and launch in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

She has advised clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, providing successful strategies and personalized solutions to various intellectual property challenges in the areas of chemistry, polymers, materials science, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biotechnology, and mechanical engineering.

Dr. Healey has a J.D. and Ph.D. in chemistry. She is an inventor in an issued United States Patent. She is an author in numerous publications including an environmental law article published in the Duquesne Law Review, on the Board of which she also served as Executive Student Articles Editor, of 20 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and of 6 papers at regional, national, and international conferences. She was also a peer reviewer for Organometallics, an American Chemical Society journal.

  • Not licensed in TX
  • American Chemical Society (2001-present)
  • Intellectual Property Owners Association (2018-present)

Co-founder of the Give a Volt Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to provide photovoltaic-powered systems to those in need

  • Duquesne University, School of Law, Pittsburgh, PA, J.D., 2016
  • University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2004
  • Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France, M.S., Organic Chemistry, 1999
  • Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France, B.S., Chemistry, 1998
  • Carter, J.; Costales S.; Frederick M.; Gonzales N.; Healey E.; Imam M.; Lee C.; Rodman R.; Wilson S.; Ziegler B.; Economics of Diversity, IPO L. J. (2019).
  • Healey, E. R.; Factors and Frackers: A Look into the Scientific Methods Used by the EPA to Study and Assess Air Pollution from the Shale Oil and Gas Industry and Some Proposed Solutions, 54 DUQ. L. REV. 223 (2016).
  • Cheney, M. L.; Shan, N.; Healey, E. R.; Hanna, M.; Wojtas, L.; Zaworotko, M. J.; Sava, V.; Song, S.; Sanchez-Ramos, J. R.; Effects of Crystal Form on Solubility and Pharmacokinetics: A crystal engineering case study of lamotrigine, Cryst. Growth Des., 10, 394–405 (2010)
  • Turta, C. I.; Chapurina, L. F.; Donica, I. G.; Voronkova, V. C.; Healey, E. R.; Kravtsov, V.C.; Synthetic, spectroscopic and X-ray crystallographic structural studies on copper(II) complexes of the aminoguanizone of pyruvic acid, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 361, 309-316 (2008)
  • Healey, E. R.; Vickaryous, W. J.; Berryman, O. B.; Johnson, D. W.; Self-assembled supramolecular main group coordination complexes, In Bottom-up Nanofabrication: Supramolecules, Self-Assemblies and Organized Films; Ariga, K. and Nalwa, H. S., Eds; American Scientific Publishers: Stevenson Ranch, (ISBN: 1-58883-079-9) (2007)
  • Kasyan, O.; Healey, E. R.; Drapailo, A.; Zaworotko, M.; Cecillon, S.; Coleman, A. W.; Kalchenko, V. Synthesis, structure and selective upper rim functionalization of long chained alkoxythiacalix-[4]-arenes, J. Inclusion Phenom. Macrocycl. Chem., 58, 127132 (2007)
  • Parks, B. W.; Gilbertson, R. D.; Hutchison, J. E.; Healey, E. R.; Weakley, T. J. R.; Rapko, B. M.; Hay, B. P.; Sinkov, S. I.; Broker, G. A.; Rogers, R. D.; Solution and structural investigations of ligand preorganization in trivalent lanthanide complexes of bicyclic malonamides, Inorg. Chem., 45, 1498-1507 (2006)
  • Carter, T. G.; Healey, E. R.; Pitt, M. A.; Johnson, D. W.; Secondary bonding interactions observed in two arsenic thiolate complexes, Inorg. Chem., 44, 9634-9636 (2005)
  • Vickaryous, W. J.; Healey, E. R.; Berryman, O. B.; Johnson, D. W.; Synthesis and characterization of two isomeric, self-assembled arsenic-thiolate macrocycles, Inorg. Chem., 44, 9247-9252 (2005)
  • Shahgaldian, P.; Coleman, A. W.; Rather, B.; Zaworotko, M. J.; Double molecular encapsulation of tetrahydrofuran by an amphiphilic calix-[4]-arene, J. Inclusion Phenom., 52, 241-245 (2005)
  • Rather, E.; Gatlin, J. T.; Nixon, P. G.; Tsukamoto, T.; Kravtsov, V.; Johnson, D. W.; A simple organic reaction mediates the crystallization of the inorganic nanocluster [Ga13(μ3-OH)6(μ2-OH)18(H2O)24](NO3)15, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2005, 127, 3242-3243 [Highlighted in Editor’s Choice – Highlights of the Recent Literature in Science, 307, 1377] (2005)
  • Rather, B.; Zaworotko, M. J.; A 3D metal-organic network, [Cu2(glutarate)2(4,4’-bipyridine)], that exhibits single-crystal to single-crystal dehydration and rehydration, Chem. Commun., 830-831 (2003)
  • Rather, B.; Moulton, B.; Zaworotko, M. J.; Perret, F.; Morel-Desrosiers, N.; Da Silva, E.; Coleman, A.W.; Crystal engineering of a calix-arene dimer embedded in a hydrophobic cavity formed by a diammonium host matrix, Cryst. Eng., 6, 15-21 (2003)
  • Rather, B.; Moulton, B.; Walsh, R. D. B.; Zaworotko, M. J.; A new supramolecular isomer of [Zn(Nicotinate)2]n: a novel 42.84 network that is the result of self-assembly of 4-connected nodes, Chem. Commun., 694-695 (2002)